Boler Legal, PLLC
Based in Tallahassee, Fla., this firm concentrates on providing effective and efficient legal representation in business and administrative law matters. Including appellate practice, and work in the fields of subrogation, probate, and creditors' rights.
Alexander R. Boler has over five years experience serving clients in state government and corporate realms. He has represented clients in litigation in the Florida circuit and county courts, district courts of appeal, the Florida Supreme Court, the Division of Administrative Hearings, and in two federal district courts in Florida. Additionally, he has extensive experience advising clients and negotiating on their behalf.
Boler earned his bachelor's degree, J.D., and MBA from Florida State University. While at Florida State, he served as the head of graduate student government for two terms, representing graduate students to the university and community, and directly overseeing the expenditure of over $1.2 million. He was active in leadership roles in numerous student organizations, at the law school, business school, and among the main campus. Amongst other roles, he served as the Executive Editor of the Florida State Business Review, and as the President of the Federalist Society at Florida State Law.